Teaching Schedule for 2019-20

Below is our Teaching Schedule for the Season.

Need to make a change or substitute yourself? Please make arrangements to substitute with another Registered Adult, and contact our Woodlands Ranger - ranger@tlsv.org, or Navigators Trailmaster trailmaster@tlsv.org.


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20-August Intro and Welcome & Roland for Rockets Alex, Adrian and Brian
3-September Integrated Patrols - 2 Stations + Patrol Challenge
17-September Roland Szabo Joe Hornbek Jeremy Murphy Alex Tarango Brian Fox
1-October John Vanderschaaf Daniel McCormick, Jack Moran Ryan Settle Alex Tarango Brian Fox
15-October Caleb Anderson Jonathan Hicks Jeremy Murphy Alex Tarango Brian Fox
29-October - *none required Alex Tarango Brian Fox
5-November Daniel McCormick Adam Knabe Caleb Anderson Alex Tarango Brian Fox
19-November Telly Chi Daniel McCormick, Ryan Settle, Nicholas Dieli (Gunnery Sergeant Napper) Alex Tarango Brian Fox
3-December JR Maddox Jonathan Hicks Brian F— Worthy Life (Roland Szabo) (Jeremy Murphy)
17-December Brian F— Worthy Life NEEDED Daniel McCormick (Roland Szabo) Jeremy Murphy
7-January Brian Fox Danny Corrales Jeremy Murphy (Roland Szabo) Jeremy Murphy
21-January Mr Sorrensen Mr Moran DJ McCormick Jeremy Murphy Nicholas Dieli
28-January - *none required (?) (?)
4-February (Mr Moran) Mr Williams Nicholas Jeremy Murphy Nicholas Dieli
18-February Ryan Settle Mr. Fowler Mr. Bailes Mr Knabe, DJ Caleb Andersen
3-March Mr. Vanderschaaf Bobby Albiniee Mr Knabe Mr Knabe DJ, Caleb Andersen
17-March Nicholas Dieli **NEEDED*** Mr Hicks Mr Knabe DJ, Caleb Andersen
7-April Mr Sorrensen Bobby Albinese 

Mr Bailes


Adrian Flores Doug White
21-April Ryan Settle Mr Szabo DJ Adrian Flores Doug White
5-May Bobby Albinese Mr. Knabe Robert Hellman (?) Doug White)