November 22, 2020 @ 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Paul Bryson

Chumash Trail – Point Mugu State Park

  • Sunday Nov. 22
  • Assemble 1:45 PM. We will HIT THE TRAIL at 2:00 PM, in order to be safely off the mountain by twilight (4:45 PM)
  • We will go up slope, then across part of the grassland, rest under shady oaks, then head back. We don’t have time for the full  “Mugu peak loop”.


Wear / Bring

  • (I did the trail in Teva sandals last Sunday, but if it rains between now and then you’ll want more traction)
  • Hats, Sunscreen, etc – The winter sun can be surprisingly intense.
  • Jacket or heavy overshirt – Even though it can be hot in the day, a cool ocean wind can change the temperature quickly.
  • Water, Water Water: No matter how much water you drink at the car, halfway up the slope you will be thirsty.  For sure.
  • Hiking Stick you’ll want this on the slope. For sure.
  • Camera (a cell phone camera is okay)
  • Snack for the top of the mountain
  • All the usual day-hike gear (1st aid kit, etc)


Prepare for

  • Very steep and rugged first ¾ mile. We will need to take several breaks on the way up.   At least the adults will…
  • Along the trail you may observe ancient pieces of seashell - leftovers from Chumash meals ages ago. If it rains, there should be many uncovered.
  • Snakes are out. I saw one non-venomous snake.
  • Not much poison oak except at creekbeds, and it all seems to have red leaves this time of year.Still, don’t be careless.
  • Look for native Bunchgrasses on the grassland at the top. These are rare remnants of what used to cover much of the state
    • How many species can you identify?
    • Are they completely dry like introduced annual grasses? Or do they retain some green all year?
    • How would this affect animal populations?
  • Prepare to photograph plants, animals, animal scat (what was the animal eating – can you tell?). artifacts (eg, shells far from the sea), views of the ocean, islands, and mountains.