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Trail Life USA was founded in 2013 to develop Godly Christian character in sons and fathers through learning practical skills and experiencing outdoor adventure together.

Our troop, CA-2324 was chartered in 2014 to bring this vision to Simi Valley and the surrounding communities.  In our first year, we went on two overnight campouts and several half day outings. In our twice-monthly meetings we learned about camping, fire safety, handling knives, tying knots, identifying plants and rocks, baking in Dutch ovens, bicycle safety and maintenance safety with archery equipment and firearms (and more.)  Over the course of these meetings and events, we developed friendships and grew in character. Join us for ADVENTURE, CHARACTER and LEADERSHIP development.   Walk Worthy!

Register for the 2020-21 Season!

Registration for our new 2020-21 season is now open. We've updated our new season Troop fee to make our program even more open to boys of all backgrounds—and we'll be making announcements about what will change with our new troop fee of just $35. Click the link below to register (Note: Registration is on the NewHeart website)

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Little Jimmy Backpacking Trip Cancelled— and other news….

Trail Life Families, This email covers two major subjects: Our scheduled backpacking trip for this week— Cancelled. Our regular troop meeting for this week — Still on! Little Jimmy Backpacking Trip has been cancelled...for now. As announced at our last meeting, we...

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Trail Life Simi Valley Meeting Location

We Meet at NewHeart Church— in the worship center.

The Details

We meet at NewHeart Church (4200 Township Avenue, Simi Valley CA 93063) on the First and Third Tuesday's of each month.

Our regular meetings are from Late August through May, with additional "Hit the Trail" events offered through the summer as a gathering point for the boys and dads to get together.   We meet from 6:15pm (sharp) to 8:15pm.

Upcoming Events

Camping (Little Jimmy Backpacking Trip) @ Meet @ NewHeart Church
Oct 22 – Oct 25 all-day
Camping (Little Jimmy Backpacking Trip) @ Meet @ NewHeart Church | Simi Valley | California | United States


Little Jimmy Backpacking trip is our first, and most accessible backpacking trip of the season— and anyone can do this one with us.  For many of our Trailmen (and dads) this is their first experience with backpack camping, and is a great introduction.  This camping trip is absolutely free— but we need to know who is planning on attending. We will be hiking together to avoid anyone getting lost— so please let us know what days you're planning on coming.

Like previous years we will have two different "WAVES" of arrivals, to accomodate those of different schedules.  First wave will go Thursday - Saturday...which historically is MUCH less crowded and gives the boys more of a wilderness experience with less people around. (With many of our Trailmen attending school virtually or at home this season, this might be the perfect opportunity to get on the trail when few other are) The Second wave will head up Friday - Sunday.

We will caravan from NewHeart to the Islip Saddle parking lot at the trailhead. The hike is 2.1 miles in, and our campground is furnished with Bear boxes, tables and fire-pits. (there is also a pit toilet— but TP is often not provided, so please bring some. Please refer to our Backpacking Checklist to ensure you have all you need.

Primary Group (First Wave) Meetup and Caravan.
We are planning on meeting up this Thursday at 11:00am, with the idea of hitting up In-N-Out on our way to the mountain (One less meal to carry in).   We will be parking our cars at the “Islip Saddle” parking lot on Highway 2.  Please remember if you are driving yourself you will need a valid Adventure pass (which can be purchased locally from Big5 or REI— this is basically a parking pass for the LA mountain wilderness areas).  For those wishing to car-pool, you can leave your cars in the church parking lot (over by the basketball area/dumpster will be ideal with 24 hour video surveillance)
WANT TO COME WITH THE SEOND WAVE, OR HAVE A LATE ARRIVAL?  We have a second party coming up on Friday—please RSVP for that time and we can coordinate a hike party so you're not hiking alone.    It is a very easy trail to follow and campground to find.  Please let me know if this is you so we can look out for you.
To print a paper map of this hike visit AllTrails - https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/islip-saddle-to-little-jimmy-campground-and-mt-islip  (note— this map includes an additional summit of Mt. Islip which is our Friday / Saturday day hike)
Tracking for Mom’s and Family:
If you’ve got loved ones that would like to keep  track of where we are at on the hike, they can visit: https://share.garmin.com/traillife   to watch our progress on the Trail and see where we are at.  We will post at least three times a day with one of our preset messages to notify our mom’s that we are “OK”.
Trip Agenda
We are hiking in on Thursday, and will make camp and just hang around the campground area for the evening.  We are planning on taking at least 1 Hike on Friday, and One on Saturday morning (and we have three+ to choose from)— and we can make our decision as a troop when we arrive.  Two of our options are:
1)  Mt. Islip Hike-  a short hike up from Little Jimmy — and is detailed in the all-trails listing above.  This will be a fairly low effort hike.
2) Mt. Baden/ Powell - this epic 12 mile round trip hike with extreme elevation takes us to an amazing peak named after the founder of the modern Scouts.  It’s an epic hike, but might be too much elevation gain for some.  We did some of this last year, and I'd love to make a go of it this season!     (more details here https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/mt-baden-powell-from-islip-saddle)
More than likely we will do the first two hikes— and I’d recommend you bring a small day-pack with you if possible to carry food and water for those small adventures.
Packing List
Just a reminder to check out the Packing list on our website for backpacking trips.  http://tlsv.org/documents/backpack-camping-packlist/   Note, Little Jimmy does have pit toilets (but likely no TP), and Bear lockers for food (so you can save weight and money on a bear can).  Big deal is getting a water filter if you don't have one and bringing food enough for the entire trip.
(NOTE LAST YEAR we had a total BURN restriction on this trip— and were required to bring in food and supplies that do not require fire.  We will know more as we get to the actual date, but currently there are not such restrictions in place)

RSVP for this trip now


Regular Troop Meeting @ NewHeart Church
Nov 2 @ 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Regular Troop Meeting @ NewHeart Church | Simi Valley | California | United States

Join us for our regular troop meeting at NewHeart Church.  We gather on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of each month for lessons on various topics (See the menu above Calendar / Troop Schedule PDF for a summary).  Woodlands Trail Boys will be earning Steps on the various branches of learning, and our Navigators/Adventurers will be working on earning their Badges.  For more details contact our Troopmaster or your Trail guide.

Chumash Trail Hike – Outdoor Skills @ Chumash Neighborhood Park
Nov 8 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Chumash Trail Hike - Outdoor Skills @ Chumash Neighborhood Park | Simi Valley | California | United States

Chumash Trail Hike:  About 5 miles, 1000 foot gain, about 3 hours.  Trailmen will be required to bring their compasses and use maps that will be provided to lead the way up the mountain and add real life landmarks (sandstone outcroppings, sandstone cave, valley view bench, the lone manzanita) to their maps.  Bring sturdy footwear, water, and a snack.  The trailhead is at the north end of Flanagan Drive, off Yosemite.

Leadership Academy 2020/21 @ NewHeart Church - Room 1
Nov 14 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Leadership Academy 2020/21 @ NewHeart Church - Room 1 | Simi Valley | California | United States

Part of our charge as an organization--- but more than that— as FATHERS and UNCLES— as Men who seek to set examples for you in what it means to become men of intergrity and character— part of that charge is giving you opportunities to GROW INTO THE MEN that God has created you to become.

WORLD-CHANGING men that will go and one day raise your own families, and change the world with your LEADERSHIP, with your sense of ADVENTURE and with your CHARACTER of Christ-likeness.

That doesn’t happen by accident.

This is why we have developed a program for our New and existing Navigators and Adventurers— something to help them develop into leaders.  We’ve established this leadership laboratory as an opportunity for our Trailmen to grow and learn some essential leadership tools that will not only allow them to lead here— but lead in their lives.

Our leadership academy is a hands-on, intentional, Leadership Development seminar put on by our troop Registered adults, for all Navigators and Adventurers serving in a leadership role within the troop.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

NewHeart is a Foursquare Church located in Simi Valley, CA. NewHeart is led by Pastors Brian & Rebecca Fox.
NewHeart Church
4200 Township Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 583-3433
info (At) newheart.us

Trail Life is a Ministry of NewHeart Church.