Trailmen and Families,

This weekend is our first Backpack trip of the season— and we’re really excited. There are some new developments, and some unique factors for our trip, so if you are planning on attending this one, please keep reading!

Due to Fire danger— No fires are allowed.

NOTE: The Los Angeles Forest area currently has a COMPLETE BURN restriction. This means NO FIRES of any sort are allowed on the Trail or Campsite. (This includes stoves). This will impact our ability to cook food while at camp— and you will need to either bring dry food (or food that requires no cooking) or MRE’s that contain a Chemical heater to warm your food items. We’ve confirmed that the ARMY SURPLUS store in Simi on Royal has stock of “some” MRE’s...though stock is limited. Please plan accordingly.

Two different hike parties— Thursday and Friday departures

As announced, we will have two separate hiking parties heading up to Little Jimmy. One meeting at NewHeart for caravan Thursday at 11am....and one leaving Friday (with a current tentative plan of leaving at noon— though they may modify to accommodate any additional additions). PLEASE RSVP on our troop website so we can have the conversation with all who are planning on coming, and can make sure we are keeping track of people’s locations. Once we hit the mountain cell phone coverage is spotty at best. Specifically we have a PDF of directions on the event page— as there is a Road Closure on part of the default route there that for some reason GOOGLE MAPS does not will get stuck if you follow Google!

Radio Usage

We will be using handheld transceivers for our hike in, and during the hike. If you have any “MURS” capable radios, or programmable radios (BauFung or similar) that can be programmed to the MURS frequencies— we encourage you to bring them along so we will have solid radio communications while on the trail. For reference, your HT can be programmed with the MURS 2 frequency of 151.880 MHz.

Please RSVP today so we know you’re coming. Also, please see the event page for any additional details added about this camp (as well as the GPS Tracking Link for moms to see where we are at and our status on the Trail.

Click here for details and to RSVP to let us know you are coming »