(We sent this earlier with an incorrect date— the Dads meeting and Patrol party is TUESDAY, June 25th @ 6:30pm.)
Greetings TLSV,
Last week we had an awesome ceremony.  The troops looked sharp at this culmination of another outstanding season for Trail Life Simi Valley.  This is a follow-up message for a few items the leadership team brought up.

Congratulations to Delta Patrol for earning the most Patrol Points this season.

They have earned a pizza dinner on us to recognize their efforts this season.  This will be at Big Z's Pizza on Tuesday Jun 25th at 6:30PM, 2428 Stearns St, Simi Valley.  For clarification, this party is open to the entire troop, however the Trailmen from Delta Patrol will have their pizza dinner paid for.

End of Season Dad's Meeting

We would like to do an informal adult's post season wrap up meeting to discuss the high level overview of how things went and what we have planned for next season.  This really is your troop, so we love to hear your feedback (See more on that below)— and this meeting is a great opportunity to celebrate our victories, and learn from our misses.  We will do this meeting in conjunction with the Big Z troop pizza party on Jun 25th. As summer is approaching we are trying to be mindful of your time and are combining events.  This will not be a quiet conference room type of meeting so your flexibility is appreciated.  Consider this a leadership huddle.

Adult Troop Leaders needed

As a reminder we are looking for adult volunteers to fill several positions next season.  If you have any questions about the duties or wish to volunteer please let myself, Alex, or Brian know.
(we can discuss some of our needed positions at our Dad's meeting)

Complete our Year-End Survey!

Finally, Brian mentioned a post-season survey so please provide your feedback, especially since we implemented some new initiatives this year: patrol points, youth leadership positions, integrated patrols, etc.  The link is tlsv.org/survey.  We highly encourage you to complete this survey with your Trailman's input.  Also, please complete the survey prior to the meeting/party next Thursday if possible.
Thanks for all you do and we look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday,
Ryan Settle
Troop Committee Lead