Trail Life Families,

As many of you have seen the news, Ventura County (along with most of California) has gone back into the Purple tier for Covid reopening. That requires us to move all activities outside for the time being— including tonight's meeting.  Please sent your Trailmen with a jacket this evening, as it will be down to about 61 degrees during our time outside.  But outside fits perfectly with what we're doing tonight....

Knife Safety & Wood Tools Tonight

Woodlands Trail boys will be working on their Knife Safety Training (as well as some fun games tonight) and our Navigators will be beginning their Wood Tools badge tonight (so there will be plenty of bladed instruments around the campus tonight).  If your Trailman has a Fixed blade knife and has already gone through Knife Safety Training, He can and should bring His knife tonight.  (if your Trailman has a knife and has NOT gone through safety training, he won't be permitted to carry, open or use it until after His safety training.)

Looking forward to seeing all of our Trailmen tonight....


Walk Worthy,

Pastor Brian Fox

Troop Lead