Troop Families,

Tonight is our last scheduled troop meeting of the 2019/20 Troop Season....and once again we will be gathering online for this meeting.  While we were hoping for some of these restrictions to be eased up by the end of our troop season— that simply hasn't happened in time for our meetings.  As we've done for our last few meetings, our meeting will begin with our opening "Ceremony" streamed online to our Public Troop Facebook Page:  followed up by WEBEX teams meetings for each of our age groups.


You should already have a login for the WebEx teams your boy(s) are part of— if you need help, send an email to the troop email.


Awards Ceremony will be Postponed until August.

Our regularly schedule ceremony will be postponed until August.  As you can imagine we've considered how to best honor and celebrate our Trailman and their accomplishments during the 2019/20 season— and for now, we are planning an awards ceremony to precede our Troop Kickoff meeting in August as a way to gather and honor all of our Trailmen...together. Details are still being finalized, but we will be aiming for the last week of August for this ceremony.  We're really bummed to post-pone this event, but can't wait to gather together again just after summer (and hopefully when these meeting restrictions will be fully lifted).


Looking forward to seeing all of our Trailmen tonight for our last "Virtual" meeting of the season...see you there!


Pastor Brian Fox

Troop Lead & Chaplin