Note: This announcement only applies to those Trailmen in our Navigator (6-8th grade) / Adventurer (9-12th) programs.

Our Leadership Academy is coming this Saturday from 2-5pm at NewHeart.  We will have several learning and hands-on opportunities for our boys to sharpen their leadership skills.  While most of this can be handled during our training, there is one portion that requires "pre-work"— Mr. Settle, our Troopmaster will be discussing some leadership lessons as seen in the Movie "Patton."  And we're asking your trailmen to either watch the movie **or** watch the selected clips we've got posted on our Password protected Leadership Academy page:   (Whether you watch online, or the full movie, please be sure to check the link for some questions for your Trailman to consider as we examine these leadership ideas.

NOTE:  You will be required to login to view this content as its not available to the general public.  Your login was created when you registered with our local troop this season (or last).  You can always login, or reset your password if you've forgotten it using the login page:


Troopmaster Leadership Discussion from "Patton"

During one of our blocks of instruction at the upcoming Leadership Academy we will be exploring some aspects of leadership and followership.  To aid our discussion we will be dissecting some video clips from the movie Patton, starring George C. Scott.  There are some excellent leadership and followership situations in the movie and it is a great piece of American history.  This is a war movie and is rated PG.  There is some moderate foul language and parents may want to preview the film if they feel more comfortable.  For context we recommend your Trailman watch the entire movie, however if they are unable to do so we have included excerpts here.


What is the Leadership Academy

Part of our charge as an organization--- but more than that— as FATHERS and UNCLES— as Men who seek to set examples for you in what it means to become men of intergrity and character— part of that charge is giving you opportunities to GROW INTO THE MEN that God has created you to become.
WORLD-CHANGING men that will go and one day raise your own families, and change the world with your LEADERSHIP, with your sense of ADVENTURE and with your CHARACTER of Christ-likeness.
That doesn’t happen by accident.
This is why we have developed a program for our New and existing Navigators and Adventurers— something to help them develop into leaders.  We’ve established this leadership laboratory as an opportunity for our Trailmen to grow and learn some essential leadership tools that will not only allow them to lead here— but lead in their lives.
Our leadership academy is a hands-on, intentional, Leadership Development seminar put on by our troop Registered adults, for all Navigators and Adventurers serving in a leadership role within the troop.