Trail Life Families,

We can't wait to kick off our brand new troop season in just a few weeks!  And we'd love for you to join us as we launch into a new season...that because of the times we are living in....will look slightly different than in previous years.  While we can't wait to resume our activities of instilling Christlike character, leadership opportunities, and Adventure opportunities — we know that for a little while they will be a bit different as we continue to wrestle with the COVID-19 pandemic and various restrictions.  That said— for an outdoor adventure program like Trail Life— we're going to maximize this season!

How this season will look different.

First and foremost, though we ARE going to be meeting together, in-person, we will not (initially) be meeting indoors.  NewHeart has many EZ UP shelters we will be setting up around our lawn and grass areas to make ourselves "outdoor classrooms" for our twice-monthly evening meetings.  This adjustment will require appropriate planning (especially as the evening cool weather returns), but we are excited to face the challenges as Trailmen always do.  Secondly, with current health restrictions at play, we will have hand sanitizing stations for our boys, and will be requiring our boys to wear face coverings (Masks) whenever they are in close proximity with other boys (within 6 feet).  We will spread out under God's beautiful sky canopy whenever possible, and this will afford us plenty of safe space for our boys to thrive.

More Opportunities to Hit the Trail

One other change that has been made to our troop calendar is MANY more opportunities for us to HIT THE TRAIL.  Outdoor adventure and activity is the heartbeat of our program, and we've increased the number of Hit the Trail events planned for the troop season to allow our boys more opportunities to get out, hike, fish, bike and do all the things that make outdoor activities so perfect for our boys.  Each of these Hit the Trails (Marked in blue on our troop calendar) will be organized by a different dad "Point Man" (PM), and each will have a unique opportunity for outdoor adventure.  Most of these will be free or very low cost, and we'd love for you and your Trailmen to join us for as many as you are able to make this season.  Our printable PDF calendar will show general information, but our website troop calendar (@ will be updated with full details from each of our Pointmen as their events are finalized and planned.

Troop Fee Slashed with Changes

As all of our parents know, there's a lot that goes into running of our troop.  And for the last many years, we've slowly been able to reduce costs of running our troop (with many of our expenses being absorbed by NewHeart)...and this year we are excited to announce a drastic reduction in our troop fees.

In the past our troop fees have covered all costs for boys participation in the program including:  covering the troop costs of that boys participation (the troop pays a fee to TLUSA for each boy), supplies, and all awards earned and given during our awards ceremonies.  As we move forward, these awards will be "earned" but not provided by the troop.

We have never wanted COST to be a factor in boys being able to particpate in our program- and we know that for many boys, this has been a factor in deciding to join our troop— so reducing our troop fee will certainly help in this regard.  Additionally— as a ministry of NewHeart Church— any sponsorships or donations to the troop are tax-deductible, and will help open the door for other boys to participate.

Awards are important, and we want to recognize each boys accomplishments publicly during our ceremonies— but it's not central to our mission.  Our new troop fee of $35/trailmen will still cover the cost of TLUSA program fees, and give each Trailmen their basic level patch (for Fox, Hawk, Mountain Lion, Navigator or Adventurer also called Joining Award), but will not include the cost of additional awards earned by the Trailmen.  While we will require Trailmen to dress in uniform for our meetings, additional awards are not required for participation.  For those Trailmen and families that would like to order their earned awards— our new Troop Advancement Lead, Mr Hicks will be able to assist you with ordering all earned awards.

Registration is Open on our Website »

2019/20 Season Wrap Up and Awards Ceremony

Our new season begins on September 15th, but we haven't forgotten about last season's finale. We are planning on finalizing our 2019/20 season on September 1st for an outdoor awards ceremony.  While this will look different from our regular ceremony, we'd like to invite all participants from our 2019/20 season to join us for this celebration.  (All earned awards from last season are in, and ready to we'd love to see you join us for htis ceremony before begin our new season.)  While we understand not every trailmen will continue with our new Troop season, we'd like to invite you to "finish" our last season together as we celebrate the achievements of our boys in the 2019/20 season.

Looking forward to seeing you this troop season!


Brian Fox

Troop Lead