Trail Life Families,

(note this email is being sent to both new and existing Trail Life families— but this announcement is only for those who were part of our program during last Troop Season- 2019/20 season)


Our End of Season Awards ceremony (which was postponed due to Covid) is happening tomorrow night— Tuesday September 1st @ 6:15pm.  Attached to this email is a link of all awards we’ve got listed for each of our Trailmen.  As was mentioned at our parents meeting for the new season, we’ve made adjustments based on our Covid Shutdown at the end of season— giving each of our Woodlands trail boys credit for each of the meetings and hit the trails that were cancelled.  Our Trail Guides have worked hard to update all of these awards and make sure everyone is receiving the awards earned during our last season.  If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email, or contact your Trailguide.


This awards ceremony will look different than others.

Being that we are still restricted to outdoor gatherings— our entire awards ceremony will take place on our Lawn at NewHeart. Unlike our typical meeting nights, you are welcome to bring the entire family in support of our Trailmen as we celebrate their accomplishments over the past season.  We will have many chairs setup in the lawn (and spread out), but were asking you to bring a lawn or camp chair (if you’ve got one) so we have plenty of seating available for all who would like to sit. Unlike our typical awards ceremonies, we're asking the boys to sit with their individual families until they are called up. CDC is still recommending the wearing of masks for outdoor gatherings, though we will do our best to spread out on the lawn area.

Additionally, Because we are outdoors, you may want to bring a jacket or sweatshirt for the cool evening air (Forecast shows range between 66-75 degrees during our ceremony).  As usual, we will have opening color guard and opening remarks— but will aim to keep our time a bit shorter than normal.  We’ve got lots of Navigators earning troop Standards this ceremony— and that is always a fun rite of passage for them— and we’re excited for that!

Being outdoors will require quite a bit of setup, and if you'd like to show up early, we've got a team starting setup at 3pm, and we'd love a few additional hands.

New Season Starting in just 2 weeks.

For those Trailmen that will be returning to Troop life (and for our many new Trailmen) we are just two weeks away from our new troop season.  September 15th we will again meet on the lawn for our Season opening and open House for Parents.  If you are new to the troop— or are considering checking out our troop— you don't want to miss this.  Our entire troop Leadership team will be giving an overview of our troop life, what to expect for this season, and answer any questions you’ve got about Trail Life, or our Troop Calendar.


(List of Awards was emailed out to Troop Families)

-Brian Fox
Troop Lead