Trail Life Families,

We're looking forward to our next Troop meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday February 16th @ 6:15pm.  We will have a great (outdoor) meeting at our regular time/location with our Woodlands boys discussing Hobbies, and our Navigators (who will be taught again by our Adventurer Trailmen) learning about Fire Safety. Please be sure to read below for what your Trailmen will need for this special gathering. With our topics on hand (fire building and Hobbies) we will be meeting outdoors tomorrow night for all but our opening and closing ceremonies— so please send your Trailmen dressed with a jacket or sweatshirt.

Woodlands Trail Program (K-5th)- Hobbies (Show and Tell)

Our Woodlands Trail boys will be discussing Hobbies tomorrow night, and one of our stations will feature a "SHOW & TELL" where we'd like your boys to bring something to Show and Tell with their Group (Foxes, Hawks, and Mountain Lions).  They can bring something representing a favorite hobbies, or collection, or something else of interest to your Trailmen.  Each Trailmen will be given a chance to share with their group for a few minutes. Additionally, one of our dads will be bringing in an off road Side-by-side and quads to share about his hobby of Off roading (and we may get a special instruction from a former professional rider—who just so happens to be our Simi Valley Mayor—who will give us a briefing on Safety and Trail Communication while off-roading). This will certainly be a fun hands on experience for our Trailmen!

Navigators - Fire Safety

Mr. Szabo—our Trailmaster for the Navigators this season— has asked our Navigators to bring with them several bits of gear for the discussion of Fire Safety.  (if you don't have the required items, there will likely be some extras available, but if your Trailman does have them)

  1. Fixed blade knife (see recommendation below).
  2. homemade fire starters (similar to what were described at the 2/2 meeting)
  3. Tinder
  4. Kindling
  5. wood-fuel medium size*
  6. aluminum foil 1.5 ft long
  7. ferro rod*  (see recommendation below)* Optional


Looking forward to our meeting together— see you all tomorow night!


Brian Fox

Troop Lead