Navigator / Adventurer Families,

This is a reminder that Tomorrow morning @ 9-10:30am is our Aquatics Badge meeting in Simi Valley. This is a required badge for each of our Navigators and Adventurers— and unlike our other badges we can only fulfill this outside of our normal meetings at a Pool Location. Tomorrow we will be meeting at a pool in Mid-simi at Corbett Lane, Simi Valley CA 93065.

We will be learning some life-saving techniques for swimming and that requires some specific instruction and preparation (Specifically we are going to be learning to use our clothing as an impromptu flotation device). If your Trialman is attending He will need to bring the following tomorrow:

  • A swimsuit
  • A Towel
  • Long sleeve pants and Shirt to wear over their bathing suit (that can get wet)
  • Lace-up shoes (that can get wet)


The Trailman’s Handbook

As we announced to each of our Navigator / Adventurers at the beginning of the season, we are requiring each Trailman to bring his Trailman Handbook to each and every regular meeting (and outings like the Aquatics Badge) so we can follow along for each of the requirements for the badgework we're doing. The Trailman's handbook gives your Trailman a place to mark his progress through our program— and is his guidebook to success in our program(s). Consider this manual like a part of your uniform— a required element for all meetings! Order your manual from the Trail Life Store for $17 »


Brian Fox
Troop Lead