Trail Life Families,

We're looking forward to our regular troop meeting this Tuesday at 6:15pm. We've got lots of fun things planned— and your Trailmen will need to come ready for some of what is happening:


Woodlands Trail (K-5th Grade)

Our Woodlands Trail boys will be working on their Hobbies badge, and will have an opportunity to bring a hobby, collection or other fun thing for a "show and tell" portion of our meeting Tuesday. Trailman can put their show and tell items in Room 2 when they arrive at Traillife (For larger items).

Navigators & 1st Year Adventurers (6-8th, and 9th)

Our Navigators (and any first year Adventurers who have not completed the First Aid Badge) will be meeting for the hands on portion of our First Aid badge — with this week's meeting focusing on CPR and AED knowledge and hands-on practice. As a reminder, our Navigators and Adventurers are required to bring their "Trailman's Handbook Second edition" to each meeting— and have been asked to read and familiarize themselves with Chapter 5 of the manual that covers basic first aid procedures and techniques. Additionally, and our December meeting, Trailman will need to have completed (at home) building themselves a personal first aid kit with items that might be needed during a hiking or other wilderness trip.


Additionally— details about our upcoming events will be announced at our meeting as well with separate emails with further details to follow: Service Day (November 20th), Dad's Night Out (November 30th), and Hit the Trail (December 4th)

Brian Fox
Troop Lead