Trail Life Families,

This is a reminder of our regular troop meeting tomorrow night- Tuesday September 21st @ 6:15pm.  Our Woodlands Trail (K-5) boys will be earning steps towards their Values Branch, our Navigators (6-8th grade) will be learning some valuable Trail Skills (towards their Trail Skills badge), and our Adventurers will begin badge work as well.

Our last meeting we formed “integrated patrols” with boys of various age levels in integrated patrols, led by Adventurer or Navigator leaders (Patrol Leaders and Junior Patrol leaders respectively).  Our First Officer Williams did a fantastic job leading the entire meeting, as well as conducting his first “Officers Conference” as he and his senior youth leaders plan several of our events for the season.

Looking forward to another outstanding year as we train up our boys to “walk worthy.”

See you tomorrow night!

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead

P.S. As announced by Troopmaster Settle, for those Navigators and Adventurers who missed our Navigator/Adventurer Leadership Academy: please complete the makeup at our 2021 Leadership Academy Resources site located (here) »