Hello Trailmen and Parents,

It is hard to believe the season is already coming to a close.  We have a number of events happening over the next few weeks which I will cover in this message.

  1. Backpacking and camping at Sespe Creek will happen this Thursday through Sunday.  View the event page for more information including caravan details.
  2. Our last regular meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 4th (and yes...May the 4th be with you).  During this meeting our Adventurers and Navigators will conduct their boards of review.  Fortunately we have quite a few Trailmen that will attend but we will have limited time.  In the interest of saving time I would like each Adventurer and Navigator to consider the following questions and be ready to discuss with the board members.  We may ask additional questions during the session and further “rules of engagement” will be provided the day of.
    • What current rank or award are you seeking and what requirements do you have left to complete?
    • What bible verse speaks to you the most or has had the greatest impact on your life?
    • If you were the first officer or troop master for a day, what is one thing you would change/improve for the troop?
  3. Our Hit the Trail scheduled for Saturday May 8th to the Navy Seabee Museum is cancelled.  Unfortunately the museum is still closed due to COVID-19 precautions taken by the Department of Defense.  Use this time back in your schedules to make Mother’s Day on Sunday May 9th extra special.
  4. Our Awards Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday May 18 at Newheart Church during the regular meeting time.  Our direct contact leaders (Trail Guides, Ranger, Advisor, etc.) will receive a current copy of the attendance/achievement roster.  Trailmen and/or parents should contact the appropriate leader to ensure the records are accurate so the appropriate award may be authorized/announced.
    • Remember, we will announce the awards at the ceremony but the Trailman/Parents are responsible for purchasing patches, pins, standard, etc.  This was a big factor in the reduced troop fee for this season. Awards can be purchased directly from Trail Life USA, with some limited supplies available for purchase from the troop.
  5. We also plan to hold a post-season leader meeting at a date and time TBD.  This is your troop and we want your feedback.  Our First and Second Officers will be invited to this meeting and will be the voice representing the troop so encourage your Trailmen to bring any suggested improvements up the chain of command through their patrol leaders to the troop leadership.

Enjoy the rest of your week and be safe!

Ryan Settle

Troop Master