Navigators and Adventurers (and their parents),

Leadership Academy is this Saturday, Aug 20, from 1-4pm at Newheart Church.  During this session we will provide our senior Trailmen with leadership tools they can use during their time in Trail Life and into adulthood.  Trailmen should come in uniform and ready to learn some great leadership lessons.

During one of our sessions we will be covering some leadership in action.  In preparation for this lesson please watch the movie Midway (2019) and we will focus on several scenes.  For more information visit this (link) and the password to login password was emailed out to the troop.   I have included several questions for the Trailmen to be prepared to discuss on Saturday.

This is a requirement for youth to hold leadership positions.  We will ask the Trailmen to submit their "dream sheets" which is their opportunity to let the troop leadership know what youth leadership position the individual Trailman would like to hold this season.  Please let me know if your Trailman can't make it and I will arrange for a makeup assignment.

I look forward to seeing the Navigators and Adventurers this Saturday!

Walk Worthy,

Ryan Settle