Trail Life Families (new and old),

We are just one week away from our first meeting of the season!

Our first meeting of the season, which will be our traditional fun Pneumatic Rocket Building time, is Tuesday, August 16th at 6:15pm-8:15pm. If you or a friend has been curious about Trail Life- this is a great time to join us and learn more about our Trail Life Program. Our full schedule for the meeting is below to give you a heads up— and our mostly complete Troop Calendar PDF is also available online (with printed copies available at our meeting). This open house type format is alot of fun for our Trailmen (and parents), and allows you to get all your questions answered about Trail Life, and have a fun experience for our boys. (Just note, that this meeting is not our normal meeting format for the remaining meetings.)

Troop Open House / First Meeting Schedule - August 16th

  • 6:15pm - Begin sign-ins for existing Trailmen and guests outside on the lawn.
  • 6:30pm - Opening Ceremony, and Color Guard in Worship Center
  • 6:35pm - Opening Announcements & Welcome
  • 6:50pm - Rocket Building Stations & Parent Meeting
    • Parent Meeting in Worship Center - Explaining the Trail Life Programs and our troop life. Q&A for new Families, or parents with any questions about the troop, uniforms, schedules, etc.
    • Trailmen to Rooms 1 & 2 for Rocket Building Lesson - Hands on building of Pneumatic rockets, with the ability to build their own rocket, test fly it, and if time permits

Register for the Season Today.

For those returning Trailmen returning for the new season (and for those parents who know they will be joining the troop this season), please sign up and register with our Local Troop (and Trail Life USA) today using our Troop Registration page (Hosted at the NewHeart website) - REGISTER TODAY »

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Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead