Trail Life families,

Tonight (November 1st) is our first meeting of November @ 6:15pm….don’t miss it.  Our Woodlands Trail boys will be starting their Values branch of learning, Navigators will be continuing their Trail Skills badge (with a fun Orienteering course scheduled tonight during our meeting), and our Adventuers will be continuing their Emergency Preparedness badge.

Navigator parents:  Please send your Trialman with His compass (if He has one), a flashlight, pen/pencil and a jacket for our outdoor Orienteering course during our troop meeting.

Brian Fox 

Troop Lead


From the desk of the Quartermaster, Trail Life Simi Valley, Troop 2324

Trail Life Meeting Tuesday, October 4th

At our last meeting, our Woodlands Trailmen got to learn about woodworking and got to play some fun (and safe) “battle” games out on the lawn. Our Navigators and Adventurers got to practice some survival skills, including setting up a tent and building an emergency shelter. After the meeting, our Youth Leaders met for our first Officer’s Conference of the season.

Trail Life Joining Awards Ceremony Tuesday, October 25th

This was a special occasion for all our Trailmen who are new to the Troop, or who have moved up to the next level, as this was our Joining Awards Ceremony. Those who have recited the Trailman’s Oath in front of the entire Troop since joining or moving up to their next level were presented with a Joining Award: Branch Patches for Woodlands, Recruit Patches for Navigators, and Journey Patches for Adventurers. Please note: If your Trailman has completed the Joining Award requirements but was not presented with an Award, please see either Troop Lead Fox or Troopmaster Settle. (Chances are, your Trailman’s patch is still on the UPS van. All patches which arrive late will be presented at the next meeting.)