Greetings TLSV,

Please join us for our regular troop meeting tonight, September 6th, 6:15PM at NewHeart Church, where we will be announcing our youth leadership positions and mustering our "integrated patrols".  This is also a good reminder if you haven't registered for the troop season— your Trailman might not be put on a patrol tonight— be sure to register today.   This is time we have specifically set aside for our youth leaders to exercise skills they have learned and foster team building with their assigned Trailmen.  Immediately following our regular meeting we will have a Dad's meeting to discuss information regarding this season at Trail Life Simi Valley— so plan on sticking around for 15-20 minutes after our meeting tonight.

Our next scheduled hit the trail event is set for next Saturday, September 17th at 4:00PM, which is the Simi Wash bike ride.  Further details can be found on the event page here.

Walk Worthy,

Ryan Settle