Trail Life Families,

I wanted to give you a scheduling update for our upcoming USS MIDWAY camping trip. The date has shifted 2 weeks later to SATURDAY DECEMBER 3RD, 2022. The master troop calendar has been updated on the troop website to reflect this (and one Hit the Trail to Paradise falls has also shifted to accommodate this change. In general, we recommend using the website event page as the final authority on event details.)

The USS MIDWAY overnigher is a once-in-a-lifetime experience touring, eating, and sleeping in the enlisted racks on the USS Midway this December. We will be arriving to the Midway for the evening on-boarding, and will stay the night aboard the ship and have a customized tour. Cost is $110 per person (including dads).

We took a sign-up of interested people at our meeting this week— but the date has changed, so please verify the date before registering. Also— Because of the structure of this event and the capacity limits of the ship for overnight events, we will be limiting this event to the first 35 people who register using our online registration linked below. NOTE: You can choose to pay online at registration— or by cash/ check.