Trail Life Families,

We're looking forward to having you and your Trailmen join us for our upcoming Awards Ceremony, this Tuesday evening @ 6:15pm. Our awards ceremony is our time to recognize our boys for their hard work and participation with our troop during this past season, and to celebrate another great year as a troop. Our Woodlands Trail boys (K-5) will be earning Branch Awards and Sylvan stars (among other awards) celebrating their participation with troop meetings, hit the trails and camping trips, while our Navigator (6th-8th) and Adventurer (9th-12th) Trailmen will be awarded new Badges and service stars earned since our last awards ceremony.

As always, our awards ceremony is open to the whole family as a time to celebrate our Trailmen— and we’d love to have as many of our Trailmen and their families present as possible. We will conclude our ceremony with a Troop Photo, and have a dessert and hang out time on the lawn afterwards— so please join us for this special time! (The troop will have some Ice Cream bars there, but feel free to bring a dessert to share)

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead