Trail Life Families,

Join us tonight for our regular troop meeting at 6:15pm…and tonight is all about knifes and cutting tools! Our Woodlands Trail Boys (K-5) will be learning about Knife Safety…and we invite your Trailmen to bring their knife to our meeting. (If your Trailman has already completed Knife Safety Training, He can carry His knife on his person— if not, He can bring it to his Patrol Leader to safely hold until after Safety Training). Navigators will be finishing up their Wood Tools badge, and will be getting hands on with Axes, Saws and Knife Sharpening tonight— so please have your Trailmen dress warm for outdoor activities tonight.

As we draw near to the end of the season, and have awards ceremonies coming up, our Navigator/ Adventurer Trailmen should be wrapping up any elective badges they’ve been working on and be prepared over the next couple of meetings to present those to their Trail Guides.

See you tonight… let’s Walk Worthy!

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead