Here’s your reminder for our regular troop meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:15pm. (With an officers conference meeting happening @ 5:15pm) Our Woodlands Trail boys will be working on their Sports & Fitness branch, and Adventurers will be continuing work on their Family Man badge work.

Little Jimmy Is this Weekend!

Our first backpack trip of the season is happening this weekend, and though we’ve already got a list of men who are coming— there is still time to plan on being part of this fun outdoor adventure. While the roads are currently under temporary closure due to storm damage, we’ve got a backup camp right up the road from the Little Jimmy location. We will be monitoring the road conditions over the next few days, and will discuss the locations tomorrow after our troop meeting for those who are going to join this camp-out. If you’ve never been backpacking please consider joining us for this amazingly fun experience!

Other upcoming events

  • 19-22 Oct *High Adventure Backpack Camping @ Little Jimmy Trail (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun Options)
  • 18-Nov Hit the Trail: Hummingbird Trail/Cave Swing Hike (Saturday @ 8am)
  • 16-Dec Children’s Hunger Fund Service (All Family Invited)
  • 6-Jan BB Gun Shooting (Saturday @ 8am)
  • 20-Jan Ice Skating @ 12-1:45pm (Saturday Afternoon) (All Family Invited)
  • 17-Feb Hit the Trail: Crawdad Fishing at the Creek (Saturday @ 10am)
  • 15 Mar Overnight on the USS IOWA (Likely a Friday Night, final date TBD)
  • 23-Mar Rock Climbing - Boulderdash in Thousand Oaks @ 11am
  • 18-21 April CAR CAMPING (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun Options)
  • 16-19 May *High Adventure Backpack Camping - SESPE CREEK (or 3Pts/Sulfur Springs if still closed)
  • 21-May END OF YEAR AWARDS CEREMONY - Plan on having the whole family attend!

Let’s Walk Worthy!

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead