Trail Life Families,

Don’t forget our regular meeting tonight @ 6:15-8:15pm. Our Woodlands trail boys will be starting their Heritage branch of learning, while Navigators cook up a meal outdoors tonight as they finish off their “Outdoor cooking” badge, and our Adventurers continue to work on their “Emergency Preparedness” badge work tonight.

"Rusty" Hit the Trail - Moved to Sunday Afternoon @ 3pm

Also— our Hit the Trail that was originally scheduled for this Saturday @ 8am is MOVING to Sunday Afternoon @ 3pm. We will still be hitting the Rusty Trail, and taking the same hike, just at a new Time and date.  (Details here »)

Sadly, our last several winter-time hit the trails have been very sparsely attended— so we are looking for Boys/Dads to sign up to be part of this hike Tonight at our meeting. If we don’t have enough participants to hit the trail, then this hike will be cancelled.

We look forward to seeing you all tonight— Let’s Walk Worthy!

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead