Trail Life Families,

As we announced at our last troop meeting, our USS IOWA overnighter campout has crossed the threshold of attendance so it will proceed as planned. (We need a total of 25 campers for the IOWA to hold our space.) With that in mind, we need to get payment to the IOWA soon (we’ve already sent a deposit to hold our space). The cost for the Camp Battleship Program is $105 per person. Included in the cost are sleeping accommodations, a guided tour of the Battleship by a member of their highly trained staff, a personalized dog tag and a patch commemorating our stay. Also included in that cost are both dinner and a continental breakfast.

If you signed up on the clipboard to attend this event, we’re counting on you being there! So please complete our payment form and pay as soon as you can so we can get full payment to the IOWA for this event: EVENT PAYMENT PAGE »



Need Items from the Trail Life Store? we’ve discussed previously, Troop dad Mr. Avis has graciously setup an order form to allow us to do a group order for any items we need from the Trail Life USA store (to save the $10 shipping fee which is the same for a large order as as small one). See Mr Avis’s instructions below if you’d like to get in on our next group order: (or just visit His form here on Google Docs »

TrailLifeUSA Store - Troop Order Instructions

With this form you can add items to the next troop order from the TrailLifeUSA store. TrailLifeUSA charges a $10 shipping fee per order, and by placing one large troop order (which is still $10 shipping), the troop can handle the shipping and save everyone money.

  1. Go to and put everything you need in your shopping cart.
  2. Copy the full exact name of each item into order slots On the form, and include the quantity if you need more than one. This form has room for 10 items. If you need more than that, submit a second form with the remainder.
  3. Enter the total price of the shopping cart for the purpose of verification. Please note that "sale" prices and low inventory or out of stock items may fluctuate as this order is not immediate. If something is needed urgently, please place the order directly from the shopping cart
  4. Payments can be made via check at the next meeting (made out to New Heart Church, with Trail Life in the memo), or online at



We look forward to having your entire family attend for our Summary Awards Ceremony in two weeks on Tuesday, November 7th. (We will spend the first 25 minutes recognizing our new and advancing Trailmen, and awarding joining awards, and then families will be dismissed, and we will have a shortened meeting for the last 40 minutes of our regular meeting time.

See you soon, let’s walk worthy!

Let’s Walk Worthy!

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead