Greetings TLSV,

Tuesday April 2nd is one of three regular meetings left this season.  Please join us at the usual time of 6:15PM at NewHeart Church.  Our Woodlands Trailmen will be working on their Outdoor Skills branch, our Navigators will be working on the Aviation elective badge, and Adventurers will be working on Emergency Preparedness.

The upcoming meeting or any of the remaining events of the season are great opportunities to bring a guest to visit our troop.  In fact, from March 1 through June 30, Trail Life USA, has an incentive campaign called "Bring a Buddy" and will be awarding 100 prizes including a grand prize Henry .22 cal rifle at the national and regional levels.  See the Trail Life USA announcement dated March 5, 2024 in Trail Life Connect for further details.  Make sure your Trailman's buddy checks in with myself, Mr. Bryson, or Mr. Fox to receive credit.

Walk Worthy,

Ryan Settle



Remaining events for the season.  See troop calendar for additional information:

2 Apr - Regular meeting

16 Apr - Regular meeting

18-21 Apr - Car camping

7 May - Regular meeting

16-19 May - High Adventure Camping

21 May - End of season awards ceremony