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How to Clean an Ax or Hatchet

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To clean the ax head: 

  • To clean your axe or hatchet first make sure that the head is thoroughly dry.  Use a cloth or paper towel to remove excess water or moisture from the axe blade.
  • If there is stubborn dirt or wood sap on the head, scrape it off with a wire brush.  Large pieces can also be scraped off gently with a knife.
  • If necessary, remove any remaining grime on the axe head with a solvent like vinegar, or paint thinner.
  • If you spot rust, scratch it off using sandpaper or steel wool and clean any particles with a oiled cloth or paper towel.


Once the axe head is clean - you're ready to sharpen it.

For the handle:

  • Clean any dirt and debris with a cloth.
  • For wooden handles, low grit sandpaper can be used to smooth and remove debris.  Once clean, rub a small amount of boiled linseed oil to help preserve the wood.