How to Make a Feather Stick

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"What the heck is a feather stick?!?!" (also called a Fuzz stick) you might ask.  I know I asked that a few minutes before learning how to make one.  It's just a reminder that there's a first time for everything!

Another version by Dave Canterbury

"A feather stick is a small piece of wood which has had slices cut in the sides to create small shavings. Ideally, the shavings should remain attached to the stick, but if they are accidentally removed, they can still be used. Because the shavings are thin, they are easy to ignite."

So a feather stick can be used to help start a fire!  Pretty cool  Here's how to make one:

To create a feather stick, find the driest stick you can. It can be any size or shape, but something thumb-thick, straight, and a foot long is ideal. Hardwood sticks are more difficult to carve, yet they burn for a long time. Softwoods are easy to carve, but short lived. After you have made your selection, strip any bark off with a knife to further remove any moisture.  Start carving long thin curls near one end of the stick. Work your way backward while spiraling your cuts to create a shaggy-looking stick. Any shavings at all will improve the stick’s flammability, but the best feather sticks are loaded with many curly pieces. You could also dribble some oil, wax, pitch, or other flammable on your feather stick for an added burning value.