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If you are, welcome to Trail Life Simi Valley!


Troop Organization and Information.
As someone new to the troop, it’s important you understand how we are structured.  We’ve got three “programs” that make up our entire Troop:  Woodlands Trail (K-5),  Navigators (6-8th grade), and Adventurers (9-12th).  Each of these programs are slightly different, and require different things of boys are different stages of their development.  (More information is available on our Knowledge base  Woodlands Trail is really all about giving our boys a well rounded experience on seven different branches of learning (LIfe Skills, Outdoor Skills, Heritage, Values, Sports & Fitness, Hobbies, Science & Technology.  Our Navigators program moves more into achievement, with our Middle and High School aged boys working towards earning Badges on various subjects.  (
Troop Activities and Meetings
Please be sure to bookmark our Events page on the Troop website (  as all of our outings are listed there (and whenever updates to events are posted— they are posted right there!). Additionally, we post a PDF calendar of the entire troop season that you can download and print out.  (Note— that dates and times sometimes change, so please consult the website as the authority on all events!)  We’ve got three primary events as a troop: Regular troop meetings (which happen on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at NewHeart), Hit the Trail events (which include hikes, museum visits when they're open, and other day-trips for Fathers and Sons to participate in), and finally Camping Trips.  This year is a bit different (obviously)….but we aim to have several “car” camping trips that require Dads and boys to just show up with a tent, and are a really easy way for Dad to get out into the woods with His boys.  We also have 1-2 “High Adventure” backpacking trips, that while not overly difficult for any boy, do require specialized backpacking equipment.
Troop Uniform
We do ask our Trailmen to wear a Troop Uniform when at our regular meetings, Awards ceremonies, or any regional Trail Life Events as we represent both our local troop, and Trail Life USA.  (Uniforms are not needed on Hit the Trails or Camping trips, but Active Trail Life gear is also available from the Trail Life USA store.  For details about the uniform visit our Knowledge base page:
Trailman Oath
Part of joining the troop, and earning your son’s “Joining Award” will be learning and being able to recite His “Trailman Oath” in-front of the troop.  This is a write of passage for all of our trailmen, and is very character building (especially for our younger and more nervous Trailmen.)  You can begin familiarizing yourself with the Oath, at

Trail Life USA membership
Participation in the life of our troop involves two things:  Local Troop registration and Trail Life USA  membership.  Both are required to participate in our meetings and events.  If you’ve never registered with Trail Life USA, please begin by setting up your “Parent” account using this link:   Once your account is setup (or if you already have a Trail Life Parent account), visit your User profile:  and you can use the button to “ADD SON” or see the renewal date of each of your Trailmen.  Note: this Trail Life USA membership is valid for a full calendar year, so it will need to be renewed each season on the anniversary.  (If you are also needing to register yourself as a Registered Adult Leader, see the other paragraph for information).  Please let us know if you need help or have questions about this.