Parents and Trailmen,

I'm so looking forward to our end of season Awards ceremony tonight at 6:15pm at NewHeart.  Our end of season awards is a great opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments earned by our young Trailmen— and is sure to be lots of fun.  In reviewing all of our awards for this ceremony— this is the largest single awards ceremony ever for us as a troop.  Also tonight, will be several firsts— we have several trailmen who are earning the Woodlands Trail program's hardest award— the Timberline Award, for completing all branches on their Branch learning, All sylvan stars, and completing several other requirements— this is a big achievement and one we are happy to award tonight.    (More info on this award here.)

Also— we have several trailmen earning our most prestigious and important award— their "Worthy Life Award." in recognition of their pursuit of God, and their own personal faith.  Tonight, for the first time ever, we will be awarding several of our Woodland Trail Trailmen who have earned this award.

As always we will start at 6:15pm....and after our ceremont, we will have a brief dessert social over in Room 1.  Feel free to bring a dessert to share, and the troop will have Ice Cream.


See you tonight!


Pastor Brian Fox

Troop Lead (IH)