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Timberline Award

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The Timberline Award is the highest award a Trailman can achieve in the Woodlands program. It was developed to celebrate a boy's entrance into the new world of Trail Life USA's Navigators program.

Just as the tall timbers stop at the Timberline's edge, so must a Mountain Lion's time stop in the Woodlands Trail program. As the Trailman proceeds on his individual path, he leaves the Woodlands Trail and embarks on a new trail of exploration and experiences. The Trailman leaves with many good wishes and prayers that he will continue to Walk Worthy with the God that created him, loves him, and guides him.

Manhood Principles

There are four Manhood Principles and requirements for the Timberline Award:

  • To live boldly and avoid being passive
  • To live responsibly
  • To lead courageously
  • To live for the greater rewards of God

The requirements for this award are as follows:

  • To show that you are living boldly and are avoiding being passive, the Trailman will have earned his Mountain Lion Forest Badge and invited a friend that is not currently a registered member to a Woodlands Trail meeting, outing or activity. In addition, the Trailman will have attended an overnight campout with the Troop during his Mountain Lion year(s).
  • To show that you are living responsibly, you have kept a written record of chores that are completed at home that has been signed off by a parent or guardian. You are also completing assignments at school on time and doing your best to achieve the A/B honor roll.
  • To show that you are leading courageously, you have planned a service project in your community and enlisting help from your fellow Trailmen to complete it. Your service project helped to make your community cleaner, better, safer or fulfilled a need. The total combined hours spent by all who helped with the service project should total no less than twenty (20) hours.

To show that you live for the greater rewards of God, you have done one or both of the following:

  • You are known as someone who always speaks the truth. Your Trail Guide, parent or mentor may ask you a question that is difficult for you to tell the truth because you may have been worried about getting into trouble. You, however, told the truth and showed that you are honest and trustworthy.
  • You have shown Christ-like behavior. You have sacrificed your wants and needs for someone else without wanting to be recognized for it. You have shown that you love others as yourself by your actions.