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Each Group in the woodlands Trail program (Fox, Hawk, Mountain Lion) is a 2 year program, and throughout the course of the program each Trailman will have the opportunity to see each branch of learning twice (and at different times of the year).  Our current schedule is as follows (but may be subject to change— see the troop schedule for exact details, for Hit the Trails and Campouts which also earn Steps towards their Branches)

Year A - 2019-20 Year B - 2020-21
September Life Skills Values
Life Skills Values
October Outdoor Skills Sports & Fitness
Outdoor Skills Sports & Fitness
November Heritage Hobbies
Heritage Hobbies
December Values Science & Technology
Values Science & Technology
January Sports & Fitness Heritage
Sports & Fitness Heritage
February Hobbies Life Skills
Hobbies Life Skills
March Science & Technology Outdoor Skills
Science & Technology Outdoor Skills
April Heritage Heritage
Heritage Heritage
May Values Hobbies


This Article will be expanded in the future to describe the specifc branches of learning.  For now consult your Trail Life USA Woodlands Trail Handbook for details.

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