Trail Life Families,

Our next regular troop meeting is tomorrow night (September 20th) at 6:15pm. Our Woodlands trail boys will be focusing on their Sports & Fitness branch of learning, Navigators on their Camping Badges and learning about Elective Badges, and finally Adventurers will be beginning their Outdoor Life badge work.

Our first camping trip of the season is coming up this week... are you in?

We’ve got a few different types of camping trips scheduled for the season. All inclusive camping trips with food and campsites included for a fixed cost, A bit more unstructured camps with food on your own and camping arrangements made by the troop, and finally Completely “free” camping / backpacking trips where we hike in and find our own spaces to camp for the evening.

Our “Chula Vista Camp @ Mt. Piños” is going to be a bit of the last two options. While official camp-sites are available, this is a FREE, “Walk in” campsite that does not require payment. Several of our dad’s scouted this location out last year, and though it is considered “car camping” the parking area is about 5-600 yards away from the campsites— so plan accordingly with your equipment! There is no cost for this camp-out, but you will be required to bring your own food, tents, and gear. As usual, we will have some dad’s that choose to come up the mountain for “Thursday & Friday nights” and others that will want to come Friday & Saturday nights- or some portion thereof. We’re trying to get a headcount of WHO IS IN for what days/nights— so please fill out the form on the Event page so we can know to count you in!

RSVP on the event page here »

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead