Trail Life Families,

Just a reminder that tonight (October 4th) is our regular Trail Life Meeting @ 6:15pm.  We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned for the Trailmen, so be sure to be there right on time.  Many of our Trailmen during our last meeting were given an opportunity to demonstrate reciting their trailman oath in front of the troop— which is a requirement for them earning their “Joining Award” at our upcoming ceremony.  For all of our promoting Trailmen (going from Fox to Hawk, etc), this is a requirement…but also for any new Trailmen to the troop.  We will be giving opportunities again tonight as well for any boys who were not ready at our last meeting— have your Trailman practice so He is ready tonight at our meeting (The Trailman Oath is in the Handbook, but is also here on the Troop Website for your reference » )

Tonight we will also be taking sign-ups for our Upcoming Camping Trip(s) so we can get an accurate head count of who is “in” for each of these campouts.  Below are links to our upcoming Camping Trips, as well as some Hit the Trails

  • Mandalorian Hike Hit the Trail - Next Sunday October 9th - Details here »
  • Little Jimmy Backpacking Camping Trip - October 20-23rd  (Details and RSVP here »
  • Fall Awards Ceremony - October 25th  Fall Awards Ceremony

Other Upcoming Camping Trips to RSVP for:

Pastor Brian Fox
Troop Lead


From the desk of the Quartermaster, Trail Life Simi Valley, Troop 2324
Trail Life Meeting Tuesday, September 20th
At our last Trail Life Meeting, our Woodlands Trailmen learned how to play Disc Golf and honed their Soccer skills as they worked on their Sports and Fitness Branch. Our Navigators and Adventurers were briefed on Elective Badges, which are necessary to move up in rank. After the Trailmen returned to the (worship center), those who had moved up into the next Unit were given an opportunity to recite the Trailman Oath in front of the Troop.