Trail Life Families & Trailmen,

We’ve had a great kick off to our brand new season…and I wanted to give a few reminders and updates below as we kick off our new season.  Please note: if you have not registered for the current season and paid your Local Troop Fee (and updated your TLUSA membership), please do so today.  We are assigning boys into Integrated Patrols NOW, and need to know who is “in” for this new season.  Register Now »

  • Season Schedule & Calendar of Events
  • Uniform Links and Guidelines
  • Dad’s Meeting Next Week
  • Hit the Trail Information for this next weekend.



Just a reminder for all Troop Families that our regular meetings happen on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday’s of each month.  In a typical month this leads to “every/ other” week…but in months (like August) where we’ve got 5 Tuesdays, it means, there is a free Tuesday.  Our next regular troop meeting will be scheduled for 6-September 2022.

If you’ve not done so, please be sure to bookmark the TROOP calendar page:  and consult the online calendar as the definitive source for all updates to troop events, and details about them. We should have all of the troop events for the season posted to the calendar by this week.  Additionally, there is a troop calendar PDF that can be downloaded and printed out for easy reference— just note that this PDF may adjust throughout the season as plans change or details are updated.  (This calendar was updated today to reflect an additional Bike Ride Hit the Trail, and our date for our Dad’s meeting (see below).


As a Local troop, we require a Trailman to wear the following as part of the troop uniform for regular troop meetings: a Troop Uniform Shirt, Olive Green Shorts or Pants, & Uniform Shoulder Loops. Optionally boys may wear a Troop Uniform belt, socks, and Hat...but these are optional accessories.  We do not sell Troop Uniforms directly, but have provided a handy page for uniform guidelines and links to order directly from Trail Life On the Troop Website »  


Our Dad’s make our troop happen, and we need you DAD to engage with our troop.  While we totally understand that every situation is different, and we certainly allow “drop offs” to our program— we know the value of including dads (or uncles, grandpas, stand-in dads) to our program.  Each of our troop meetings and Hit the Trails is run by volunteer dads— who are “Registered Adults” with our program— and we’d love to have you be part of this awesome team.   This next meeting, after our meeting time, we will be having a “DAD’S MEETING” to discuss the troop season, take sign-ups to lead our various Hit the Trails, and have special briefings from our various Program leads.  If you’ve got Woodlands Trail age boys (K-5th), our Ranger Mr. Albanese will be taking volunteers to sign up for teaching slots in our troop calendar.  For those with Navigator aged boys (6-8th grade), our Trail master Mr. Knabe will be looking for some dads to help teach and lead the various required badges for this new season.  


Our first hit the trail event is this Saturday, September 3rd, in Huntington Beach, CA.  The Huntington Beach Historical Society is hosting the Civil War days reenactment on both Saturday and Sunday (our official hit the trail day will be Saturday). 

Unlike many of our Hit the Trails— this is not a hike or a formalized tour, we will be meeting to watch the Civil War battle demonstration (as well as see Troopmaster Settle participate on the field).  Because of the nature of this event, it is open to the entire family.

On Saturday, the camp opens to the public at 10AM with battles at 1:30 and 4:00 PM, and it is FREE to the public.  The event will take place at Central Park in Huntington Beach behind the library on Gothard Street between Slater Avenue and Talbert Avenue.

For more details visit the event page »


See you all on the trail this weekend, and NEXT weekend at our Regular Troop Gathering!

Pastor Brian Fox

Troop Lead