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Req. Sub. Description:  Trail Life Handbook

(First Printing)

Trail Life Handbook

(Second Printing)

1. Explain how being a good steward and observing the low impact camping method applies to Ropework.
2. Whipping and fusing: 
a. Demonstrate whipping the ends of a natural fiber rope.
b. Demonstrate fusing the ends of a synthetic rope.
3. Tie the following knots and describe their usefulness:
a. square knot pg. 184 pg. 160
b. bowline pg. 182 pg. 158
c. two half-hitches pg. 181 pg. 157
d. taut line hitch pg. 182 pg. 158
e. clove hitch pg. 185 pg. 161
f. timber hitch pg. 184 pg. 160
4. Lashing
a. Tie square, diagonal, shear, tripod, round, and floor lashings and describe their function. pp. 186-194 pp. 163-170
b. Lash the following trestles: X-Trestle, A-Trestle, and H-Trestle.
c. Make a useful structure for camp using at least three different types of lashings.
  • Trailman Demonstrates
  • Trailman Demonstrates


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