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Safe Aquatics Method

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Premier Edition Handbook - First Printing - pg. 130

Premier Edition Handbook - Second Printing - pg. 106


All Trail Life USA programs must be conducted using the Safe Aquatics Method.


  • All adults and youth who participate in aquatic activities must have a complete and up-to-date health history on file.
  • All aquatics activities must have qualified and trustworthy adult supervision.
  • Every person must have a buddy with him at all times.
  • Areas approved for swimming and water games must be checked for obstacles and segregated into non-swimming (up to chest deep for your shortest non-swimmer) an swimmer area (up to 12 feet deep).  An optional beginner area  up to around 5-6 feet deep may also be established.
  • Only those who have passed their Trail Life USA swimming competency test at the swimmer level may venture into the swimmer area or participate in other aquatics activities.
  • All water games and other aquatics activities require a safety orientation and a skill orientation or associated trail badge before participation.
  • All aquatics activities other than swimming, water games, snorkeling, and scuba require the wearing of an approved personal flotation device (PFD).
  • Proper discipline and adherence to the pool or waterfront rules are required at all times.  No horseplay!