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Req. Sub. Description:  Trail Life Handbook

(First Printing)

Trail Life Handbook

(Second Printing)

1. Participate in a Safe Aquatics Method orientation and fulfill the following requirements pursuant to the Safe Aquatics Method. pg. 130 pg. 106
2. Complete the Swimming Competency Test at the Swimmer level. Test Requirements:

3. Demonstrate how to properly put on a personal flotation device (PFD), and while wearing the PFD do the following:
a. Jump feet first into deep water and swim 25 yards.
  • Trailman demonstrates
b. Demonstrate the heat escape lessening posture (HELP) cold-water survival technique.
c. With a group, demonstrate the Huddle cold-water survival technique.
4. Demonstrate the following reach and throw rescues:
a. Several reach assists including arm, leg, and towel reaches without entering the water and pole or shepherd's crook. pg. 131
b. Throwing a rescue tube or ring buoy to someone at least 25 feet out in the water.
5. After ensuring the safety of the swimming area, in deep water, do the following:
a. Tread water for 3 minutes
b. Survival float on your stomach for 3 minutes
c. Float on your back for 2 minutes
d. Demonstrate a feet-first surface dive
e. Demonstrate a head-first surface dive, and recover a diving ring or some other object from the pool bottom.
6. While wearing shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeve shirt over your swimsuit, jump into deep water.
  • Trailman demonstrates
a. While treading water, remove the shoes and pants
  • Trailman demonstrates
b. Inflate your shirt and float long enough to prepare your pants
c. Inflate your pants and use them to float for one minute
7. Demonstrate that you can continuously swim 200 yards without stopping to rest.  While doing so:
Use at least three of the following five strokes: sidestroke, front crawl, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke. pg. 132


Swim each of the three selected strokes for at least 50 yards.
  • Trailman demonstrates
8. Participate in a skill orientation and open activity for three of the following aquatics activities: Group water game, swim race, diving, snorkeling, Red Cross Jr. Lifeguard, Scuba, Stand-up paddle boarding, Boardsailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Peddle boats, Water skiing, Wake boarding, or an alternate water activity approved by your Unit Leader.
  • Trailman participates